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Friends of Jensen-Olson Arboretum is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the projects and programs of the Jensen-Olson Arboretum, Southeast Alaska’s outstanding public garden and national primrose collection.

Caroline Jensen donated the historical arboretum property at 23-mile Glacier Highway to the City and Borough of Juneau. The Arboretum was opened to the public in 2007 and has evolved into a garden destination and a living laboratory featuring over  1200 native and cultivated species. 

The Arboretum embodies Caroline’s vision of a garden that inspires learning in horticulture, natural sciences, and landscaping while preserving its beauty for aesthetic enjoyment and maintaining the historical and cultural context. Caroline's garden is protected by a conservation easement held by the Southeast Alaska Land Trust so that her garden will remain for future generations to enjoy its beauty.
23035 Glacier Hwy  Juneau AK  99801
Caring for Caroline's Garden
Friends of Jensen-Olson Arboretum supports the projects and programs of the Arboretum through fundraising, public outreach, education, and organizing volunteer service at the Arboretum.

Fundraising activities include the annual sale of arboretum plants at the Super Plant Sale, the Saturday before Mothers Day. Sale of  Baseball caps with the arboretum logo and commemorative bricks are offered all year round (support page).

Special projects in 2018 were construction of an entry arch (thank you Bill Ehlers), a new parking lot, new access trail (thank you Trail Mix), and entry information panel. In 2019 we will be raising funds for improved toilet facilities, which were given high priority in a survey of arboretum visitors.
(907) 789-0139
Activities at the Arboretum
Natural Sciences
Something for Everyone!
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Bug Day
Intertidal exploration during seaweek
Students harvest Tlingit potatoes
Rufous hummingbird research, US Forest Service
Art in the Garden
Jensen-Olson Arboretum Events 2019
      See Events page for more information

    May 11: Super Plant Sale, Safeway   
​                     9am-12pm

    May 19: Day of Primula,                                                 Arboretum

     May 25: AK Public Gardens Day,  Arboretum

     June 1: Children's Program (Poop in the                       Garden)   Arboretum                                   
     July 13: Annual Garden Groups Picnic                      Arboretum

     July 20: Children's Program (Art in                               in the Garden,  Arboretum                                                            

     August 10: Children's Program (Bug Day!),                          Arboretum

     September 18: Arboretum Spirits Fundraiser
                      Amalga Distillery 5-8pm

     Dec. 6 FJOA Raffle Drawing
                Southeast Alaska Land Trust
                119 Seward St. Suite 2



      We are holding a raffle!
 "You need improved toilet facilities,"     
arboretum visitors have frequently         commented. We listened and are in the final stages of fund raising for a "lovely loo".

   Want to help? 
Click Here or on the FJOA Raffle page tab above for details and list of great prizes.

​                      Thanks ! 
  Thanks to all of you who attended our   fundraiser at the Amalga Distillery Sep. 19 and to our gracious hosts at Amalaga Distillery...a truly enjoyable event.

AND to those who made donations through Pick Click Give  this year. Your generosity is inspiring.
Beautiful any Time of Year  !